Secondary School

Secondary School students love our service because it:


Helps those transitioning from Primary to Secondary school

Identifies and remedies gaps and weaknesses

Prepares them for GCSEs

Builds confidence

Helps students catch up who have fallen behind

Works at a pace which is right for them

Engages students and makes learning fun and enjoyable

Keeps parents and carers informed on progress and identifies problem areas which our tutors work on in a targeted way.

Secondary school students face many challenges – from year 7s encountering the significant difference between Primary and Secondary school, to the preparation for GCSEs.


The best way to prepare for exams is through regular practice and guidance in the years which lead up to exams. Not just a last minute panic cramming weeks before the exams.

To use a sporting analogy – the way that athletes perform well in high-pressure events when the outcome really matters is to be sure and confident in their knowledge and technique.


The My Own Tutor method, used over time, builds that same confidence in students to perform in the high-stress atmosphere of exams.

Of course, we also do help students who are near to their exams, who need help in both technique and building of knowledge – but the best way to ensure success is to do the same as any specialist does to perform well when it matters. Build a solid foundation of confidence through regular practice combined with guidance from experienced tutors who will help them overcome the areas they are finding difficult.