Primary School

Primary School children love our service because it:

           Builds a solid foundation in Maths and English

           Builds confidence

           Prepares them for SATs

           Helps them catch up if they have fallen behind

           Works at a pace which is right for them

           Engages them and makes learning fun and enjoyable

           Keeps their parents and carers informed on progress and identifies                 problem areas which our tutors work on in a targeted way.

The first years of learning are where a solid foundation in Maths and English need to be built. Too often, and for a variety of reasons, children in primary schools fall behind and never properly catch up.This makes it even more difficult when they come towards GCSEs.


The My Own Tutor method is one where each student is constantly assessed on an individual level while they practise what they have learned. They work at their own pace and at the level which is suitable for them.

This means that we are constantly building their confidence and getting and keeping them on track in their progress.

Making their learning fun and engaging is also incredibly important, while keeping you, parents and carers informed on progress.